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A released Friday ranks Seattle as the best city in the nation for business and careers in 2018.

The report, by Forbes business magazine, for the first time despite the high cost of doing business here.

The reason: the metro area’s talented workforce and booming economy more than make up for the expense of doing business.

Forbes editors heaped praise on Seattle in its description of the city:

According to Forbes, the Seattle metro area has an annual gross domestic product of $288.5 billion, a median household income of $86,574 and a median home price of $564,000.

Job growth in Seattle is up 2.7 percent annually over the past five years and income has grown 4.7 percent annually in the same period even as it stagnates elsewhere in the country. And Seattle is one of the few large metro areas in America that has more people moving in than leaving.

Nearly half the Seattle metro workforce has a college degree and nearly 18 percent have a graduate degree, according to Forbes.

Tacoma, Wash., was ranked as the 10th best city for business and careers. The “City of Destiny” ranked high due to its status as Washington state’s largest port, which it dubbed “a center of international trade,” and its iconic landmarks and amenities.

Raleigh, N.C., was listed as the second-best city to do business and Portland, Ore., came in third.

The report ranked the 200 largest cities in America. The metro area that came in dead last was Atlantic City, N.J.

You can read the entire report


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