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WASHINGTON– After lobbying from Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan, 3 military branches have actually agreed to reinterpret a law that limited Alaska Native corporations’ access to high-dollar no-bid contracts, according to a series of internal memos Sullivan’s office shared late recently.

The relocation could bring billions of dollars in contracts back to the Native corporations, which receive preferential treatment for minority-owned organisations under federal law but were limited when that law changed in 2011.

A defense permission expense that year required that specific “sole source” federal contracts for more than $20 million get the sign-off of the secretary of the Army, Navy or Flying Force– a logistic hurdle that resulted in scuttling billions of dollars in contracts for Native corporations and their lots of subsidiaries.

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The Federal Government Accountability Workplace has released a string of reports in the last few years on its own difficulties with evaluating the billions of dollars of contracts that stream through Alaska Native corporations and their hundreds of subsidiaries.

Overall, usage of those sole source agreements for more than $20 million has actually declined steeply, according to the GAO.


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