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BREAKING– SEC THINKS ITS (F)ELON MUSK: The Securities and Exchange Commission is suing Tesla CEO Elon Musk according to a Manhattan court docket.

The suit declares that Musk committed securities fraud. Shares of Tesla immediately dipped by approximately 4 percent after the news.

The SEC along with the Department of Justice started examining the business after Musk tweeted earlier in the year that he had actually secured moneying to take Tesla personal at $420 a share.

“Am thinking about taking Tesla private at $420. Funding protected.” Musk tweeted in August.

The SEC concluded in its investigation that” [t] his declaration was false and misleading.”

The agency likewise charged that 3 other Musk statements that day about the company potentially going personal were also misleading.

“Musk knew or was careless in not understanding that each of these declarations was false and/ or misguiding since he did not have an adequate basis in truth for his assertions,” the SEC composed in its complaint.

“When he made these declarations, Musk understood that he had actually never ever gone over a going-private transaction at $420 per show any possible financing source, had actually not done anything to examine whether it would be possible for all existing investors to stay with Tesla as a private business by means of a “special purpose fund,” and had not validated assistance of Tesla’s financiers for a prospective going- private deal,” it continued.

YIKES: Voting machines utilized by election authorities in majority of the states in the U.S. include a flaw that might permit hackers to access systems and alter vote overalls from another location.

A report developed at the DefCon hacker conference detailed a security flaw in an older design of devices produced by Election Systems & & Software LLC, the country’s leading election equipment seller, that allows hackers to make use of the machines from another location through a networking bug.

The Model 650 devices, which company representatives told The Wall Street Journal it ceased manufacturing in 2008, are used by precincts in more than half of the states across the nation.

Other flaws impacting the Design 650 and other devices would need a hacker to acquire physical access to citizen machines with a gadget such as a thumb drive in order to alter votes. The 650 series, nevertheless, is vulnerable to two defects that might likewise enable remote gain access to, the report states.

“It’s like going to a restaurant– if the restroom’s filthy, you start to wonder what the cooking area looks like,” he informed the newspaper.

EU ASKING ABOUT AMAZON PRODUCTS: European regulators probing Amazon over antitrust concerns are reportedly asking smaller sized merchants whether the internet giant has been copying their items and offering them under its own brand.

Bloomberg reported Thursday that EU antitrust enforcers have sent out questionnaires to vendors that offer on Amazon’s platform asking if the business has actually been selling products “identical or really comparable” to their own and whether they have actually been hurt by such practices.

Margrethe Vestager, Europe’s competitors commissioner, revealed last week that her office had opened an initial questions into Amazon’s market dominance.

“We are gathering information on the concern and have sent rather a variety of surveys to market participants in order to understand this concern in full,” Vestager stated during an interview.

SALESFORCE TO FULFILL WITH PROTESTORS OVER BORDER PATROL CONTRACTS: Salesforce has actually consented to meet activists to discuss its agreements with U.S. Border Patrol, according to Fight For the Future, a tech-focused advocacy group.

The business’s agreement to consult with Battle For The Future came with the advocacy group concurring to stop a presentation in which the group projected messages during a performance at Salesforce’s Dreamforce yearly conference in San Francisco.

The messages advised concert-goers to contact Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff about the company’s multimillion-dollar agreement with U.S. Border Patrol, which Battle For the Future opposes.

Defend the Future said that it would consent to the meetings if “Immigrants rights groups consisting of Mijente and RAICES are invited to the conference to represent straight affected neighborhoods.”

Rosenstein and the Justice Department have actually contested the Times story.

Goodlatte also subpoenaed supporting files associated with the FBI’s application for a surveillance warrant on previous Trump campaign aide Carter Page– records that have long been sought by congressional Republicans.

AND: Former FBI basic counsel Jim Baker is expected to meet congressional detectives next week as part of a joint probe analyzing the decision-making of FBI and Justice Department (DOJ) authorities throughout the 2016 election, The Hill has discovered.

Baker’s appearance on Capitol Hill is slated to take location Wednesday, a spokesperson for the Home Judiciary Committee confirmed.


How China systematically pries innovation from U.S. business. (The Wall Street Journal)


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